Tue 28 Feb 2023
When AI meets Stem Cells: spotlight on our work with I-Stem
Kantify and I-Stem work together for faster rare disease drug discovery
Mon 06 Feb 2023
Special edition on Artificial Intelligence in La Libre Eco
Kantify in the special edition of La Libre Eco on Artificial Intelligence
Sun 05 Feb 2023
Kantify' CEO interview on TV LN24
Kantify's CEO was invited as "CEO of the week" by Bruno Wattenbergh on LN24
Thu 27 Oct 2022
Belgian AI Strategy: Kantify joins State Secretary
State Secretary Mathieu Michel invited us to illustrate the power of AI in Health at UCB for the launch event of the Belgian AI plan
Mon 17 Oct 2022
Kantify & Mcule harness data to accelerate drug discovery
Kantify, using its AI technology for drug discovery and Mcule,with its compound sourcing platform, are collaborating to leverage data for better hit prediction
Tue 09 Aug 2022
Kantify in BX1 show on startups and Artificial Intelligence
Kantify was invited to the special edition of BX-1's Startup Story on Start-Ups and Artificial Intelligence
Mon 01 Aug 2022
Watch replay : AI and Drug Repurposing for Fragile X
Watch the replay of our talk at the FRAXA annual event
Wed 20 Jul 2022
Fragile X Syndrome: Innovative Approaches to Finding a Cure
Join the talk of our CTO at this cornerstone online event of the Fragile-X patient and research communityt
Mon 30 May 2022
Targeted Protein Degradation : Kantify at Proteocure event
Kantify spoke about the latest progress of AI/ML for Degraders at the event of Proteocure
Mon 02 May 2022
Register to our webinar : Targeted Protein Degraders and AI
Discover how Artificial Intelligence can be used in the discovery and design of Targeted Protein Degraders.
Sat 30 Apr 2022
Webinar replay : AI for in silico drug discovery
Watch the replay of our webinar on Zeptomics, Kantify solution for in silico drug discovery
Wed 27 Apr 2022
New discovery with I-Stem (Press Release)
Announcement : Kantify And I-Stem use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Stem Cells to Discover A Promising Therapy Against A Rare Disease