Event: How AI is changing the game in drug discovery

Kantify is presenting its work on AI based drug discovery at an event where Insilico Medicine, Microsoft, and others will also be present
Mon 12 Jun 2023

We are excited to announce our participation in the conference titled "How AI is changing the game in drug discovery and biotech entrepreneurship," taking place on June 14th from 1.30PM to 6PM. This groundbreaking event, organized by BVI.EU, aims to shed light on the transformative impact of AI in the field of drug discovery and biotech entrepreneurship.

Event Overview

The conference will bring together the Belgian drug discovery community, including academic researchers, biotech innovators, and large pharma players, to explore the power of AI in revolutionizing drug discovery processes. It will serve as a platform to share insights, foster collaboration, and inspire innovative solutions.

Quantum biospace

This conference marks the inaugural event of Quantum Biospace, a cutting-edge science park dedicated to biopharma AI. Developed by BVI.EU, Quantum Biospace embodies our commitment to nurturing scientific, educational, entrepreneurial, and social community life within the biotech innovation ecosystem.

Participating companies

The event will feature notable companies and experts in the field, including Insilico Medicine, Kantify, Microsoft, DNAlytics, and Intelligent Omics. Each participant will share their unique perspective and innovative approaches, showcasing how AI is reshaping the drug discovery landscape.

  • Kantify: At Kantify, we are thrilled to unveil our cutting-edge AI technology for target identification and small molecule discovery. We will showcase a practical case study highlighting our hit prediction capabilities for a target with no known modulators and no 3D structure. Our innovative solutions have the potential to accelerate drug discovery timelines and enhance success rates. Contact us today if you have a drug discovery project and let us help you achieve your research goals.

  • Insilico Medicine:Insilico Medicine will present their methodologies and advancements in the field. Their pioneering work has advanced the development of novel therapies and streamlined drug discovery processes.

  • Microsoft: As a key player in the AI space, Microsoft will provide valuable insights into their AI technologies and their application in the field of drug discovery. Their contributions to the industry have opened up new possibilities and driven transformative advancements.

  • DNAlytics: DNAlytics, an innovative player in the field of AI-driven healthcare analytics, will share their expertise in leveraging AI for precision medicine and personalized treatment strategies. Their innovative solutions aim to optimize patient outcomes and improve healthcare decision-making.

  • Intelligent Omics: Intelligent Omics specializes in the integration of multi-omics data and AI algorithms to uncover new insights in drug discovery and disease mechanisms.

For any projects or collaborations related to AI-driven drug discovery, we encourage you to reach out to us. You can contact us directly at hello[@]kantify.com or use the contact form below to get in touch. We look forward to discussing how our expertise and innovative solutions can contribute to the success of your drug discovery endeavors.