Kantify uses Artificial Intelligence to discover breakthrough therapies that change patients' lives.

Our cutting-edge AI platform, Zeptomics, identifies promising drugs in silico, with lightning speed, for any disease target.

Drugging the undruggable

95% of diseases still do not have a therapy. Our purpose is to propel the discovery of new therapies where patients are still expecting them.

Kantify's AI technology Zeptomics is an accelerator to discover effective and safe drugs, with unprecedented performance. Zeptomics can be used for any indication. It is currently focusing on small molecule drugs and targeted protein degraders.

A leap forward in drug discovery

Extremely accurate

Zeptomics is unique in its capacity to predict promising molecules for a given target. Its hit rates are between 28% and 67%.

Disease agnostic

Zeptomics has the capacity to discover promising drugs for any target. It makes it a useful tool for novel or under researched targets.

Mitigate Risks

Zeptomics also predicts off target effects and ADMET properties, amongst others. It decreases the risk to fail.

Uniquely capable

Because Zeptomics unlocks the bottleneck of identifying the right targets for a disease it provides a significant step ahead in drug discovery.


Zeptomics is a platform of multiple proprietary machine learning algorithms for drug discovery. These algorithms have been carefully crafted and trained on very large datasets to generalize well across the biological and chemical space.


We are developing a pipeline of small molecules and degraders in neurology, neuromuscular diseases, cardiology and oncology. We collaborate with world class experts to discover promising molecules.


We are a mission driven company at the crossroads of Artificial Intelligence and Biotechnology. We have strong values and use our brains to make a difference in patients' lives. Discover our journey and how to join our team.


Kantify believes in the power of partnerships. We bring unique in silico predictions to our partners to advance together. Discover how to partner with Kantify and accelerate or unlock your drug hunting project.