We are discovering tomorrow's drugs with Artificial Intelligence

Kantify uses Artificial Intelligence to discover breakthrough therapies that change patients' lives.

Our cutting-edge AI platform, Zeptomics, identifies safe and effective drugs in silico, with lightning speed, for any disease.

Humanity needs to make a leap forward in drug discovery

There are not enough therapies
95% of diseases still do not have an approved therapy. As such, there is an urgent need to significantly accelerate humanity's ability to find drugs that are safe and effective.
AI can make the difference
We believe Artificial Intelligence is the key to this acceleration, and will help us to live better, healthier, and longer lives.
We are building AI that improves human health
Zeptomics is our AI drug discovery platform, which we use to find and design drugs for a wide variety of serious diseases. We focus our efforts on small molecule drugs and targeted protein degraders.
Segolene Martin, Kantify's CEO
Segolene Martin
Chief Executive Officer

When we first started getting the first lab validations of our drug discovery platform, Zeptomics, we couldn't believe how much of a leap we had made over traditional drug discovery approaches. What took giant pharmaceutical companies years, took us weeks, using a fraction of the resources.

We know today that Zeptomics is hugely powerful and has the potential to truly revolutionize human health. There's a great moral responsibility that comes with this realization. We think every day about how we can maximize the impact, for the good of all, of this incredible technology we continue to develop.

Our technology helps us to push the boundaries of biology

Find better drugs with less work
Through experimental data, we've shown that Zeptomics has an unprecedented ability to find effective modulators of any biological target. On average, more than 25% molecules we test act on our biological target of interest - a significant increase over classical screens where fewer than 0.01% molecules show any promise.
Capable of treating more than a single disease
We have successfully used Zeptomics to tackle a wide variety of diseases, including in the fields of oncology, neurology, muscular diseases, and even plant health. This unprecedent breadth of ability shows that Zeptomics has reached a new level of understanding of novel biology and chemistry.
Design drugs with fewer side effects
One of Zeptomics' unique capabilities is to accurately predict the pharmacodynamic and phamacokinetic profile of drugs - information that is crucial to understand likely side effects of drugs. In doing so, we can pro-actively select the most promising drugs before any chemical synthesis happens.
Explore new frontiers of biological understanding
Zeptomics is starting to uncover a wide variety of novel biological mechanisms and druggable targets of a wide variety of diseases. In doing so, we create significant new opportunities for targeted therapies which are safer and more effective.

You can help us make a difference

Find out more about the drugs we are designing
We are developing a pipeline of small molecules and degraders in a variety of disease areas such as neurology, neuromuscular diseases, cardiology and oncology, and more.
Learn about the technology we are developing
Zeptomics, our AI drug discovery platform, helps us to discover and design safe and effective small molecule drugs and targeted protein degraders at a fraction of the cost and time required.
Get to know the people of Kantify
We are a mission driven company at the crossroads of Artificial Intelligence and Biotechnology. We have strong values and focus on creating breakthrough technological advancements to make a difference in patients' lives.
Partner with us
Kantify has a strong culture of collaboration with biotech and academic partners. Discover how to partner with Kantify and accelerate or unlock your drug hunting project.


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