The CEO of Kantify interviews with DataNews

The CEO of Kantify speaks about her journey in AI and the potential of AI in the healthcare industry
Wed 14 Apr 2021

Ségolène Martin, Kantify’s CEO, speaks about her journey in AI (Artificial Intelligence) and about Kantify, the AI company, in her recent interview, entitled 'it's fantastic to improve people's lives'. The interview takes place with DataNews which is a media platform that covers Belgian and international ICT & technology news.

During the interview she explains how Kantify creates AI solutions for the healthcare industry. Kantify has in fact developed breakthrough technologies to tackle specific forms of cardiac arrhythmias. Furthermore, the company is working on other novel AI technologies in the field of small molecule-screening that benefit companies in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. Ségolène explains that using AI to improve healthcare is a very fulfilling mission.

The topic of women in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is also touched upon during the interview. Kantify’s CEO claims that, although women are still a minority, progress is being made and there seems to be a positive growth in the number of women who decide to work in this sector. In fact, more than 10% of AI company founders in Belgium are women which is an increase from previous years.

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