Kantify at the European Biotech Week: AI for Drug Discovery

Kantify is hosting a virtual event during European Biotech Week titled: Artificial Intelligence in drug discovery and development
Wed 01 Sep 2021

Join us at our virtual event during the European Biotech Week, where we will talk about novel Artificial Intelligence applications for drug discovery and development.

Drug discovery and development are among the most critical science activities contributing to better human health and wellbeing. However, the actual process has demonstrated to be exceedingly complex, expensive, and time-consuming, which makes it very hard to deliver novel, safe, and efficient drugs to patients suffering from various (and rare) diseases.

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to transform the drug discovery and development process. AI can make the process faster, more efficient, and more insightful, thus benefiting all parties involved - from companies developing new drugs to patients in desperate need of viable treatments.

We will explain how artificial intelligence and machine learning can:

  • Help process biomedical data and spot patterns of biochemical properties,
  • Identify the macromolecule target (or target families) that is causing a disease,
  • Find novel drug hits from diverse chemical scaffolds,
  • Help select promising lead compounds that are both effective and do not have adverse effects on patients (ADMET profiling),
  • Reduce clinical trial failure rate by leveraging genomic data.

Meet us for a virtual chat on the 28th of September at 12pm CEST time.

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