Surgery Optimization with AI

Minimize the risk of potential surgery complications and improve patients surgical outcomes with Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Wed 15 Jul 2020

Artificial Intelligence and analytics go hand in hand to improve the quality of our health and make the work of the health practitioners more efficient. The current use of AI in health is exciting, and the number of potential AI use cases is growing. AI can help healthcare providers better understand the profile of their patients, build a strong support system, and better address their health needs.

For surgeons, AI can have a significant impact on the performance and efficiency of their operations and their talent.


AI can combine all kinds of patient’s data (and in various formats), analyze it, and predict the progress of various operative or nonoperative outcomes. AI can assist surgeons and radiologists in operative and nonoperative decision making, by predicting patients’ risk rate and the expected quality of life. Automated analysis of all preoperative mobile and clinical data can provide a more patient-specific risk score for operative planning, and yield valuable predictors for post-operative care.


Kantify is participating in surgery optimization R&D projects helping our clients and partners to:

  • Minimize the risk of potential surgery complications

  • Understand drivers for successful surgeries

  • Predict the severity and the type of clinical condition which the patients are undergoing

  • Predict the likely outcome of surgery

  • Improve patients’ Quality of Life ... and many more.


AI has the potential to revolutionize the way surgery is taught and practiced, promising a future optimized for the highest quality patient care. Let’s get in touch to discover how you can use AI for surgery optimization.