Webinar replay : AI for in silico drug discovery

Watch the replay of our webinar on Zeptomics, Kantify solution for in silico drug discovery

Zeptomics, the next generation drug discovery solution of Kantify, was born when one of our co-founders faced a rare and serious disease, with little therapeutic solutions. A few years later, Kantify decided to use its expertise in Artificial Intelligence and build a team of experts to build a novel drug discovery solution.

What is Zeptomics

Zeptomics is a novel AI solution for in silico drug discovery, which goes beyond existing technologies and covers the whole drug discovery pipeline:

  • Hit discovery

  • Target identification

  • ADMET analysis

For each of its components, Zeptomics addresses some of the core challenges faced by traditional in silico solutions, both for small molecules and targeted protein degraders.

Webinar content

During this webinar, the Kantify team has provided a short overview of the main capabilities of Zeptomics.

We have shared with the attendees:

  • The novelties brought by Zeptomics to the drug discovery field
  • How drug discovery researchers can accelerate and derisk their work thanks to this technology.

Enjoy the replay and do not forget that Zeptomics is constantly evolving so check out our news and insights on the Kantify website to have an updated overview or contact us directly to learn more.

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